Aam Dasheri Sapna Dance Video

Aam Dasheri Sapna Dance Video

Aam Dasheri Sapna Dance Video

Aam Dasheri Sapna Dance Video is a must watch video for all the young couples. This song is based on the advantages the young age of a person offers. Download Aam Dasheri Haryanvi song.
In this song, the girl says to the boy that his intentions are not good for her. To this the boy replies that his intentions are not bad and the girl looks amazing. The boy has a solid body and does not has to work for a living.

To this the girl replies that she is fashionable and she will not go out with him. The girl asks the boy not to come after her and he is impressed by her tender age. He should not think because she is young, she will come after him. Watch Aam Dasheri Sapna Dance Video in high quality on our website. You can also enjoy many other videos of sapna dance here.

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Sapna is one of the best dancer Of Haryana State. She belongs to a small village in Rohtak district of Haryana. She has completed her studies from haryana University and now become a professional singer and dancer. She has sung more than 100+ popular songs till this date. She is a very famous talented dancer and singer in delhi and haryana. She is a tall and very beautiful singer with the bulk of talents. Nowadays she is one of the popular stage show singer in Haryana and delhi with millions of fan following.