Bahu Jamidar Ki Sapna Dance Video

Bahu Jamidar ki

Bahu Jamidar Ki Sapna Dance Video

Bahu Jamidar Ki Sapna Dance Video Sapna Dancer has danced exceptionally well on the song originally from the Ajay Hooda movie. You can watch Bahu Jimadar Ki Sapna Dance Videoon our website. The boy is saying that he likes the way the clothes of the girls fits her and she doesn’t looks the way a daughter in law of landlord should look like- Dekh ke re fitting suit salwar ki, lagdi na kauni bairan bahu zamidar ki.

But the girls replies that her in laws keep her like a queen. She considers herself as the empress of Fashion. You can download this video from Bahu Jimadar Ki Sapna Dance Videois a must watch for young couples.

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Sapna is one of the best dancer Of Haryana State. She belongs to a small village in Rohtak district of Haryana. She has completed her studies from haryana University and now become a professional singer and dancer. She has sung more than 100+ popular songs till this date. She is a very famous talented dancer and singer in delhi and haryana. She is a tall and very beautiful singer with the bulk of talents. Nowadays she is one of the popular stage show singer in Haryana and delhi with millions of fan following.