Sapna Dance Video on Kasa Kasaya Joban Tera

Sapna Latest Haryanvi Dance Video Download

Sapna Dance Video on Kasa Kasaya Joban Tera is an amazing and fun video to watch.


Joban Tera Haryanvi Song is a popular Haryanvi song and Sapna Dancer has performed very well on this song. Joban Sapna Dance Video has been viewed by millions of people till date. You can download Sapna Kasa Kasaya Joban Tera HD Video online and enjoy it anywhere and anytime you want it.

The lyrics of the Joban Tera song are as Tere rang roop ka koi tod nahi, tu pariyaan bargi laage se, teri aankh nahsili se bairam, tere piche duniya bhaage se. It means that Sapna is very beautiful and she looks like a fairy. Her eyes are magnetic and gorgeous. The entire world is after her.

You can watch Joban Tera Haryanvi song and have a great time. In Kasa Kasaya Joban Tera song, the Sapna has sung and danced very well. This song shows the romantic relationship between two lovers.

Further, in this song the boy says that tune raat ki neend udai, din ka chain udaya, maine saari ladkiyon ko choor diya. This means that he cannot sleep at night and for her, he has left all other girls. He has become a fan of Sapna. He became jealous when someone else touches her and wants her only for himself.

In Joban Tera HD Video Song, the boy is trying hard to impress the girl and says Tera julmi joban, chaal mastani, thamja dhadkan dil ki, jo tu maare dhunge, paate kilki pe kilki, teri ada dekh sarmaavan ki, main sab sautan ne bhul gaya. This means she is very beautiful and her carefree walk makes his heart stops.

Whenever Sapna walks like this, she looks absolutely awesome. The way Sapna shies away from him, he forgets all the girls around him. But the girl replies that she doesn’t believe him and her parents will kill her once they get to know about all this. The boy says that he can do anything for her.

Download Joban Tera Haryanvi song is various high quality formats from Sapna Hope you enjoy this video and comeback for more.

जानिए कौन हैं सपना चौधरी और कैसे बनी डासिंग स्टार?

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