Sapna Dancer Interview Suicide – सपना चौधरी की आत्महत्या का सच

Sapna Dancer

Sapna Dancer Interview – Sapna Suicide Real reason

How Sapna Became Popular Star

What made Singer and dancer Sapna to commit suicide? After coming to consciousness in a hospital, Sapna Chaudhary in an interview said that in social media posts containing obscene messages and comments  were increasing . Obscene acts in public several times during the live program continues to grow, so she took action by committing suicide.

Sapna said that the honorable prime minister of our country started a Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Andolan. It is a very good initiative and today I have come to understand that why we need to save the daughter.

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“God gave me a second life, said Sapna. Due to the blessings of the fans, I’m alive today. Otherwise, probably I would not have survived. I thank them for the prayers offered by them”

I request my country’s Prime Minister and Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar to punish who are responsible for this.  They should get the right punishment. A daughter should not  have to take the steps, I have taken. She told her fans that she is fine and very soon will start working again.

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Sapna will be staying in  the hospital for a few days. Sapna Singh’s spokesman and the driver Bania denies the rumors spending on the social media. Bania said such a false and baseless news spread about the health of the artist is scandalous. This could be a scheme of a rival. But they will not succeed in their intention and Sapna’s talent of entertaining people would remain same.

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Police officials said Tuesday afternoon the Sapna regained consciousness. Around half past twelve, Chhavla police team arrived at the hospital and recorded her statement. Sapna said the same things that she has written in her suicide note. She wrote in her suicide note that she was not happy from the rumors on social media and inquiry against her in Gurgaon.


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Sapna is one of the best dancer Of Haryana State. She belongs to a small village in Rohtak district of Haryana. She has completed her studies from haryana University and now become a professional singer and dancer. She has sung more than 100+ popular songs till this date. She is a very famous talented dancer and singer in delhi and haryana. She is a tall and very beautiful singer with the bulk of talents. Nowadays she is one of the popular stage show singer in Haryana and delhi with millions of fan following.