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Sheesha Dekhungi Jarur Song Dance Video Download 2022

Sheesha Dekhungi Jarur Song Dance Video Download 2022
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Sheesha Dekhungi Jaror | Sapna Choudhary | Ak Jatti | New Haryanvi Songs

Source BY – YouTube

Title : Sheesha Dekhungi Jaror
Singer : Ak Jatti, Akki Aryan 9212443096
Starring : Sapna Chaudhary, Prem vats
Lyrics : Farista, Sonu Rathi
Music : Gr Music
Director : Farista
DOP : Lovey Khan , Vijay Saini
Ass DOP: Krishna Parashar
Dance Group : Aliza Group
Makeup : Rishant
Asst Editor : Rakesh Prajpati
Edit/Grade : Satish Prajpati
Ad : Gaurav Jaat
Publicity Design :- Muku Jangra
Label : Sonotek Music World

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