Who is Sapna Dancer?

Sapna Dancer has now become a very prominent name in the North India especially in the state of Haryana. The real name of the Sapna Dancer is Sapna Chaudhary. Sapna is a very popular singer and dancer. People love to watch her live performances on the stage. She is a fantastic dancer and people not only love to watch Sapna dancer on live stage but also her videos are equally popular.

Sapna Dancer belongs to a middle-class family in Haryana. She is from a very humble financial background and has managed to make a place for herself in the hearts of people.  Sapna does so many live stage shows in Delhi and NCR. She is a very good singer and sings many Haryanvi songs.

Sapna Dance videos can be enjoyed with online on our website. Sapna Chaudhary is a rising star and chances are high that she will act in a Haryanvi movie soon. Sapna Chaudhary is 26 years old and hails from Rohtak, Haryana. She loves to travel and listen to music in free time.

Sapna Dancer is very beautiful and has light brown eyes. She has natural black hair and a nice physique. People who love Sapna Dancer know that is a shining star in the entertainment world. She is one of the most sought-after stage performer in the state of Haryana.

Sapna was born on September 25, 1990. She has done her schooling in her hometown. Sapna has always enjoyed singing and dancing and therefore, pursued them as her career. She has created her own dance group called ‘Aurkestra group’.

Sapna may have become a big name now but she has led a very difficult life. Her father died when she was just 12 years old. After the death of her father, she took the reins of her family and worked very hard to become what is today. Hence, Sapna Dancer thinks she deserves every ounce of her success.

Her passion of singing and dancing has taken her to such great heights. But how do people come to know about Sapna Dancer? Everyone got to know about her via “Solid Body” song that was uploaded on the youtube. The song became so popular that millions of people watched the Video and Ragni within a few days.

There are many controversies associated with Sapna Dancer and it is said that in one of her songs, she ridiculed two Dalit castes due to which inquiries were started against her. Recently, she attempted suicide due to this controversy but timely treatment saved her.

Sapna has become highly popular with her pretty figure and huge talent. She has sung more than 20 hit songs. She continues to win the hearts of millions of her fans all over India.