Fight in Haryanvi Dancer Sapna Chaudhary Event at Sikar of Rajasthan

Sapna Dance Video 2018

On Saturday , at one of event of Sapna Chaudhary there was fall out in Haryana.
On Saturday night, in one of event of Sapna Chaudhary there was a massive dissension. Sapna was performing with supporting artist on the stage. The show was “Saturday Night with Sapna Chaudhary” Youth Festival organized in Seekar Rajasthan. In presence of Police, the fans were beaten up brutally.

The program initiated in Seekar Rajasthan at somewhere around 5 pm when Sapna Chaudhary occupied the stage . Her program was scheduled for Marriage Garden near JhunJhunRoad. The organizer has kept a good entry fees for this event. As per schedule, Sapna was late more than 3 hours for the performance. Due to this delay of commencement of this show, her fans broke out in quarrel. Somewhere in the strong dissension , Sapna and her co artist started performing . In the meanwhiletime, 3 youth quarreled with Organizer for starting event so late and for charging such a high amount for this event.

The Crew members from Sapna Chaudhary Team tried to settle the dispute, but the argument crossed to high level. Due to this high voltage argument, Sapna ‘s crew member brutally beaten some fans of Sapna Chaudhary. In couple of few hours, the Video became viral over all social media channels. Also this all high voltage drama was carried out in presence of Police. However, Police suggested that no such issue has happened and also no such complaint has come to them.

How Sapna became so popular
Sapna started her career in very small age of 12 year. Her first debut song”Solid body “ has made her so popular in first few days of her struggle.
Her craze among youth is so much that when ever there is a show of Sapna with Co Stars as well, people only come to hear Sapna Chaudhary only.

Sapna is always trending in one or other news
Sapna Chaudhary is always been in fame due to some or other news related to her. When ever there is any event of Sapna Chaudhary , people used to come in huge masses just to attend her show. Several times in her show there were disputes.
Last year in Feb , at one of show of Sapna Chaudhary she took name of Dalit Samaaj. Due to this small negligience of Sapna ,SatpalTanwar , one off Dalit from the Khadsa Village near Gurgaon had filed case against Sapna Chaudhary under Schedule Tribe Act
Another one of the news related to Sapna Chaudhary was when she tried to commit sucide by tacking poison on 4thSept , due to which she was hospitalize for few day.

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