Gulabo Sapna Dance Video

Gulabo Sapna Dance Video

Sapna Dance || Gulabo Sapna Dance Video

Sapna Dance Video on Gulabo Haryanvi Song is a very entertaining compilation in which the Sapna dancer has performed exceptionally well. Sapna is young and talented artist. She has millions of fans that can do anything just to get a glimpse of her. Sapna Chaudhary is popularly known as Sapna Dancer in Delhi and NCR region. Her latest video on Gulabo Haryanvi song is out and already going viral on social media and various other channels.

Gulabo is a popular song in Haryana. In this Sapna Dance Video, the boy is completely mesmerized by the attractiveness of Sapna. The boy is not good in mathematics therefore, he will love her without any inhibition. She is just “Lajawab” meaning awesome. The main line of the song is “Tu cheez lajawab Tera Koi Na Jawab”. This means that Sapna is amazing and there is no one like her.

Further in this song, the boy says that she does not know how good-looking and beautiful she is. A girl with brown complexion always has a strong and honest heart. The boy can give her all the things she wants in the world and also the title of Miss India. You can download Gulabo MP4 Haryanvi song online on our website and enjoy this entertaining song.


Sapna is young but her talent of singing and dancing is much bigger than that. Gulabo is not only popular due to her good looks but also due to her extrovert personality. Download Gulabo song online in various high quality formats.

In the Gulabo song, the boy says that she is not less from any other girl. She glows like a 70-watt bulb as compared to other girls who are just 0-watt bulb. She is a flower of Gulab (Rose) among all flowers. In the whole Haryanvi song, the boy keeps on trifling and flattering Sapna.

Download Gulabo Sapna Dance Video online here. Watch Gulabo Haryanvi song entertaining video of Sapna dancer and enjoy to the fullest. Stay tuned for more only on

Song: Gulabo
Artist: Sapna Chaudhary, Pardeep Boora
Music VR.Bros
Singer – Raju Punjabi
Lyrics: Andy Dahiya

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