Jabar Barota Sapna Dance Video

Jabar Bharotha Sapna Dance Video

Jabar Barota Sapna Dance Video

Jabar Bharotha Sapna Dance Video is a must-watch for people belonging to all age groups. Sapna Chaudhary has both danced and sang in this song. The lyrics of the song are “Jabar bharotha se, aaja re meri raani la le jota se, niyat main se gadbad teri, lage khota se, darr lage yun akeli ne, yun na laun jota se”.

The boy is asking Sapna to take some rest as she is his queen. But to this Sapna replies that she does not trust her and she fears he will do something wrong with her. Further in this song, the boy says “karunga main seva teri, yeh th mithi mithi baat se, tu baith chaon main, pile mitha paani re”.

It means that he will pamper her and take good care of her. He asks her to drink sweet water and sit in shade. “Gaat main pasina tera, jamphar chota reh, kheto main raani se”. She is wet from sweat and her top is short. The boy finds it very tempting.

To this Sapna says that you are wasting your time. I am not going to get impressed by you. All the village people know you and if my family get to know about this they will kill me.

You can download and watch Jabar Bharotha Sapna Dance Video online on our website. It is a song that can be enjoyed by individuals of all age groups. If you love watching Sapna dancer videos, then you cannot miss Jabar Bharotha Haryanvi Song. Stay tuned for more videos like this only on sapandance.com.

The singing and dancing qualities of Sapna Dancer are clearly visible in Jabar Bharotha Haryanvi song. Sapna Dancer has become very popular in such a short span of time and has millions of fans on social media.

She has become a renowned face in Haryana entertainment industry and her popularity is increasing day by day. The tag line of the song is “Jabar Bharotha”. It is an amazing. Download high quality Jabar Bharotha Haryanvi song in various formats online.

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